电竞比赛下注平台:School Philosophy


The University has changed location seven times, changed its name six times and undergone restructuring four times. Through all this experience it has gained the strength to:

Ponder prudently and practice earnestly, be impartial and upright, our school motto;

Be unified and diligent, seek truth and make innovations, our school precept;

Make humanity the foundation and serve society, regard students and morality as priority, our school educational ideology;

Take life as foundation and virtue comes first, our school educational thought;

Persevere in the task, whatever the setbacks, our school tradition;

Build the school with quality, mould it with learning, strengthen it with talent, make it known with features, nurture it with management, and enrich it with harmony, our key task;

Be patriotic and loyal to the school, be democratic and harmonious, be scientific and practical, be open-minded and creative, the spirit of our University.